About Tekchaser

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Tekchaser. I have been into Tech for over 10 years that was once a hobby now turned into a career that I enjoy. It is a drive and a call to action for me to help create a computer that will give you the best experience for your passion! Gaming? Streaming? Photography or Art? You can design the best computer for your goals. This is what Tekchaser strives for, is to give you a great experience having a personalized computer that fit your needs. I have guides, courses, and consistent updates for you to have all your questions answered. Ultimately giving you the ability to assemble your very own custom computer to fuel your creativity and dreams. 

Tekchaser is here to help you find and enhance your aim towards your goal with a wide variety of custom computer builds. This is a place that I want to give you all the ability to understand every part and aspect of what it takes to build your very own custom-made computer. So many guides are either too fast paced, or maybe it is hard to understand because it is not the computer you are thinking of building. We are here to give you multiple guides, courses, videos and more to make building your very own computer quick and painless. 

The main focus of the site is to help bring to life the value to your everyday activities. I want to make sure you have ALL the information you need before you take the leap into building your very own computer. Tekchaser is here to help find the best fit for you and give the ultimate experience for your destination! 

As you can probably tell by now, I LOVE being involved in any kind of tech. But mainly, building the ultimate custom computer. It’s been my main focus and my ambition since day one. Which brings me to Tekchaser. What is your passion?