Do you need a DiskDrive for your computer?

This is not as a frequently asked question but still one that should be addressed. Why, you ask?

When creating a custom PC there are certain parts to look for before hand and the best way to do that is to know what to get and to plan accordingly. 

But what about a Disk Drive(otherwise known as an Optical Drive)?

Keeping this answer as short and sweet as possible I want to make sure to cover all the bases that is need to know when it comes to a disk drive. Here are a few things to consider about before buying a disk drive. 

  1. Do you actually need a disk drive?
  2. What are you using your disk drive for?
  3. Do you have older media you want to transfer?

Is a disk drive really necessary?       

So is a disk drive needed or even fundamental? The simple answer would be no, it’s not but having one can important for multiple reasons. The main one is being able to safely install windows 10 on your computer.

I find it very nerve wrecking in todays age trying to find a download on some random site. Next thing you know you’re subscribed to a lifetime supply of quinoa on (Not actually a site).  *Don’t ask.* 

One wrong click and that brand new computer is toast before even getting windows on it. This is possible through getting the download through another computer on a USB and putting that into a new computer.

Personally speaking, the best and easiest way is to just purchase windows through normal means, get yourself a disk drive and safely get all softwares needed without the hassle of destroying your new computer. Keep. Your computer safe!

What are you using a disk drive for?


This is important to ask yourself as there are many uses for it. One way to use a disk drive is to download old music CD’s onto a computer to listen to music you enjoy!

 My personal favorite, is watching movies on my computer!

This is the best, especially if there is a large TV to connect your computer to! Or you know just binge watch 48 hours straight of a  favorite tv or anime shows? White Collar or Fairy Tail anyone? 

Do you have older media you want to transfer?


Even though there are ways to make use of a disk drive the untold truth is that they are a dying breed.

What I mean is there is less use for them as days pass us by. Most of technology is moving in the opposite direction of what made disk drives our prime way of information transfer.

This is something I personally think we need to have just to make sure there is a way to transfer older information such as music, pictures, home videos etc.

If you have a laptop, since todays age doesn’t add the feature of a disc drive anymore, by creating your own for just under 40$ so there is still a way to have the ability to transfer your media.

Hope this helped answering this question! Stay tuned for more articles on questions you might. If you have a question that has not been answered, feel free to comment or email me at Until the next one, have a great one!