How much RAM does my computer need?

Simple question that I would like to address. There is tons of confusion around this aspect of your computer. Especially for people who want to build their very own computer. Today we will cover not only how much RAM do we need, but somethings to consider when buying RAM!

How much RAM do you need?

Ideally, the amount of RAM that’s necessary is at around 16GB. This is a typical suggestion that most people are given when asking about how much ram is generally needed.

By giving everyone more info on this topic I can give adequate advice on what equipment is better suited to making the big decision on adding RAM to your computer.

There are three amounts that should be looked at when considering how much RAM is needed in todays age.

  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB

8GB of RAM I would say is the minimum that can keep up to task while not losing too much performance. However, there will be less storage for a computer to use in terms of memory transfer.

The more programs that are stowed away on a computer, the more it will be bogged down depending on how much RAM there is.

In this instance, there would be a high probability of a headset being thrown while trying to get onto YouTube, google Chrome, two games and a discord open all at the same time, because all the programs added to your computer will start to run slow.

16GB of RAM is what most call, “the sweet spot” as this amount of RAM is great for multiple things such as gaming, running multiple programs at once, and load speed.

This much RAM will support a computer with ease and increase the rate at which the components can communicate. RAM does effect FPS when it comes to visuals, and with 16GB this is where it will cap out.

What I mean is if there is a chance of going above 60 FPS, there won’t be much difference after that other than less worry of bogging a computer down.

Keeping the amount of RAM when used around 16GB will give an exceptional and improved experience in all avenues for a computer while not overloading the whole system too much.

Running all those programs we mentioned earlier will be trivial for your computer with this much RAM.

32GB of RAM is definitely TOO much RAM. However, even though it is a bit overkill having more can always be beneficial on a long term scale.

The way this happens is by having less opportunities for the computer to have too much work. When a computer has too many tasks/commands, and things going on, it could overload the system and shower you in blue light which is not a good thing because that means a blue screen or even a shut down.

This is caused by multiple reasons but one of them is overloading your computer.

Having top end components will aid in higher chances of not having this problem occur as much while games or programs themselves don’t have the ability to push pass a certain threshold.

As I explained earlier about the 16GB of RAM, once higher than 60 FPS it becomes unnoticeable in which case it would be a waste.

However, this would also mean that there is less use for having to utilize the RAM storage which in turn would not work a computer as hard to get the same results as say if you are using only 8GB of RAM.

Why is RAM important?

Ram is super important for one thing. Increasing the rate at which the components more or less, speak to each other.

This will enhance a computers processing speed, and it’s an ability to hold more programs without bogging down the computers processing speed.

Being the main function of RAM, this is the single reason it is important.

Is more RAM better?

As explained above, more ram isn’t necessarily good. Having too much not only could force you to completely eradicate your bank account and spend way more money than needed, it could also overload a computer.

Some motherboards can only have so much RAM, so definitely make sure to check this information before hand. So buying each component to your brain child might need a double check to see if they are compatible.

It would be no good to have 32GB if a computer can only hold 16GB or less depending on which motherboard that is decided on.

So How Much RAM Do You Need?

Overall what I would do is follow the suggestions of getting to that sweet spot of 16GB.

It could be in our near future that we need to increase a computers specs just to run certain programs as if you are only using 8GB of RAM.

For example, 8GB is on the low end but soon 16GB might be the low end and there might be a chance to see if there is a jump into the 64GB range for being the high end.

Hope this helped you get a better understanding of how much RAM is needed for your computer. Thanks for staying with me and reading through the whole of this piece and I hope to see you in the next article!

Please leave a comment on what you learned about RAM even if it was just for the initial question being answered! Thank you everyone!