Speed up an Old Computer

Today there is a smaller question to be answered but none the less just as important. Usually this comes from anyone who knows that I work on computers mostly friends, family, and the occasional co-worker. 

How do I speed up my older computer? It is so slow I can’t get anything done on it! Well ladies and gentleman, in this lesson the focus will be kept on how to speed a computer without making things overly complicated

Get your notebook, pencils, and thinking caps on and let’s get started! 

Here are a few things we can do to speed up our computer.

  1. Reformat
  2. Free up space on your hard drive or solid state drive
  3. Check internet speed
  4. Change how your computer boots
  5. Uninstall unnecessary programs
  6. Viruses
  7. Upgrading RAM(for custom built pc users)

All of these things can give your computer a boost enhancing the speed. Decreasing load times is the goal and the simple answer, try everything. Let’s take a look at how these options could give you the best results.

Reformatting your computer

This one is fairly straight forward. When looking into cleaning up some space on a computer, this one is my go-to always when I feel my computer needs a good wipe. But be very careful like picking up a baby careful, as there might be a chance that EVERYTHING that has been saved could be erased.

Luckily there are a few options that can be taken into consideration when deciding to reformat a computer. Made you nervous there for a minute right? Take a deep breath wipe the sweat off your forehead and let’s do this.

Simply go to the start menu > find the settings > update and security > Recovery. From here there are two options, remove apps and settings while keeping the personal files or remove EVERYTHING! 

The first option will mainly focus on boosting the load speed and boot speed of the computer. This would be a good time to check if there is a backup drive as it would be most recommended to obtain one. 

Then after saving the important files it is a quick push of the button. However if you have a backup drive, I would suggest just removing everything as this will give the computer the best refresh.

Free up space

This is a bit more basic compared to reformatting a computer. All there is needed to know is uninstalling unnecessary apps/programs on a computer. 

These apps/programs bog down the system taking up space, it is just that simple. Freeing up space on a storage device will give a significant increase in performance.

This will be very noticeable if you are like some and use up to the brim of GB on your computer. Just make sure before uninstalling an app/program to check and see the amount of space it takes up and that it isn’t essential to the computers well being. 

If accidentally done and uninstalled something very essential that a computer needs, there it (computer) will send a million and twenty-one of error messages. 

For example, if there is only a 256GB SSD in a laptop and have already used up 250GB, this will bog down a computer immensely and will likely experience a very slow start up, and an even slower load speed on all apps/programs.

 Another example is an app/program takes up 6GB of space on a computer, while another one is taking up 12GB. If there is no need of them that frees up 18GB of space that wasn’t available before. Until now, you’re welcome!

Check Internet Speed

Internet speed can be a little hidden but with a tiny amount of effort there is a way to find out the speed of which web pages are loading. A simple step, just open up a webpage and type in speed test through the website search or even in google search. 

A Run Speed Test button will be at the top of the search. Just click it and let the computer do the rest. It will have some suggestions but this will help troubleshoot the issues at hand and help give the ability to isolate the problem of the slow computer speeds.

Changing the way your computer boots

This one is a little tricky but can improve the boot time 10 fold. For this just get into the BIOS menu. This is a menu that allows access for more controls of the computer and changes things such as in this case, the boot speed. 

Essentially what is about to be done is removing any apps that are trying to open during the boot of the computer which would otherwise slow down the rate at which a computer turns on. 

Every computer is different but I can give some direction here! 

Generally there will be a list of apps that show an order when the computer opens. All that needs to be done is to find the apps that don’t want to open immediately, apps that are not used and anything else that seems different other than the hard drive or solid state drive. 

It is very easy to see and rearrange, just be careful not to take out any important aspect of the computer boot or there will be major trouble!  


Viruses can be very irritating/bothersome/maddening/dyeing every hair gray as it will cause severe heart palpitations with a dash of vexation oh and it can can affect your computer with a boat load of problems. 

Some can do so without being known of (undetectable) until it is too late and hopefully BestBuy will have a sale for a new computer. There are a few signs to having a virus, some being as minor as having a slow computer speed with a lot of storage space available. 

The best way to deal with viruses from my experience are 2 things that can be done. Get a good anti-virus software, or take action on the first thing that was talked about in this article, Reformat the computer

Purchasing a good anti-virus software could be a little pricey so I will always resort to the reformatting of a computer. It’s quick and painless and will definitely give a solid speed boost.

Upgrade your RAM

This way is to give the computer a small boost. It will benefit your computer by enhancing the speed that it can process things. This gives the computer a better way to process information

It could be wise to upgrade the processor as well but we want to focus on isolating the problem before spending all your money. 

Upgrading the RAM can cost a pretty penny, but this would be as good as reformatting a computer. Basically the RAM controls the rate at which a computer transfers information and this will give a small boost even when the hard drive GB is being close to capping off.

Well I hope this article helped you understand ways to help your computer and even changed the speed of your computer. Let me know in the comments if this benefitted you. I hope to hear from you, until next time. See you in the next one!