Replacing Computer Parts

Coming back again with another awesome if slightly broad topic of a question I had the other day.  What parts can you replace on a computer? Dramatic drum roll playing in my mind. This question will be mainly focused on custom built Pc’s. It is very important that you understand that replacing computer parts plays a huge role in your computer endeavors.

The article will be over looking the major components of a computer to get a clear idea of what can be replaced and the difficulty level of each substituted part. I would like to stick to the question to keep things simple. I will leave how to replace parts for another article!

The most nerve wrecking thing to come across is not knowing what computer parts to replace. So what components can be swapped or upgraded?

The answer is “everything”. This includes prebuilt PC’s and custom computers. Even though everything in your computer can be upgraded or replaced, let’s take a look at what that could mean for your computer!

What Computer Parts Are Replaceable?

parts that are replaceable

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Drive/Solid State Drive
  • Graphics Card
  • Power supply
  • Case
  • Fans
  • Coolant
  • Disk Drive

Now here comes the “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it to?” This applies to our computer parts.

Even if changing out every part can be done, the question is should it be done. It could take more time to switch out multiple parts due to some issues.

For example, a new motherboard is needed and if the current components are not compatible with the newly purchased motherboard that means more parts to buy.

Which also means an empty wallet, severe hunger, and best of all (total sarcasm intended) hair loss due to stress and lack of nutrients.

Another example could be to swap out a processor, but said processor might be soldered (fused), meaning pieces of the metal are attached to the actual motherboard.

In that case, it would just be better to get a new motherboard and processor to make life a little easier. Why, you ask?

  1. Safety first
  2. Stress due to microscopic pieces being connected to brain child (don’t harm the baby!)
  3. Back to number 1 Safety First

Difficulty Scale to Replacing Computer Parts

One thing to always do before considering swapping out parts is to really think about, “what parts are the easiest to replace?” Here is a list of parts that can be replaced going from the least to the most difficult in order.

  1. Hard Drive/Solid State Drive
  2. Fans
  3. Disk Drive
  4. Graphics Card
  5. Power Supply
  6. Case
  7. Processor
  8. Coolant
  9. Motherboard

The ranking is based mainly on time because that is what makes replacing some of those parts difficult. It takes 2 seconds to unplug a current hard drive to install the new hard drive.

But trying to replace a processor or coolant might require quite a bit of time to take apart a computer. This is also risky as it could lead to finding out that a new processor is needed and that could lead to making things worse such as breaking a part on the motherboard. That is a sinking ship you don’t want to board.

My recommendation for replacing parts and what to stay focused on are the top 5 on this list as they take the least amount of time, risk, and most of the time these will be solid upgrades for a computer.

When it is time to upgrade a processor or motherboard, just keep in mind that there could also be upgrades to a case, coolant and keep the old fans just incase the new ones go bad.

There is a lot of customizing that can be done when considering to replace parts on a computer.

How to Know if You Need to Replace Computer Parts

Probably the most important part in this article is this. Understanding when to replace or upgrade parts on a computer. Some people wait way too long and some people just jump to the next best thing.

We all don’t have the money to spend 800$ every 4-5 months for the next best thing. So what do we do?

The first thing is to evaluate how much worth an upgrade is. Second is are you in need of a new part? Such as a motherboard is dying due to frequent crashing. This would mean you need to actually replace that computer part.

Keeping an eye on these two things will enhance the ability to get a good in-between with spending money on new parts, and upgrading old ones if it’s absolutely in need of it.

In my experience, I was able to make parts last 5-6 years without losing quality in my gaming or overall computer performance. So even though I wasn’t replacing computer parts, you can make things last longer with a little care.

Getting Computer Parts to Last Longer

making a part in computer last longer

When spending $2000, right after building a computer, it might be in your best interest to care for the newly built PC as if it was a baby.

It could also mean you lose the spark that got you excited to build the computer and over the years getting careless can be a big part of the computer aging to quickly.

Here is a list of things that can be done right now to help freshen up an older PC and not let it get too overloaded with age.

  • Cleaning every fan your computer has(this includes your graphics card)
  • Dusting your computer
  • Opening up your computer case to increase air flow
  • Having an external fan blowing into your computers fans to increase air flow and cooling
  • Shutting down your computer completely when you are done for the day/night
  • Shutting down programs such as games you play to not run your computer so ragged when you are afk(away from keyboard)
  • Keeping your computer on a more solid surface such as a desk, wood, or any other solid surface instead of carpet
  • Giving your computer more space away from your monitors or anything else you might have on your desk

So what did you think? Was this article about replacing computer parts helpful? Let me know in the comments or email me at I would love to hear if this content is helpful for you as this is a passion of mine. Until the next article, take care and I will see you then!