The Top Gaming PC Builders

I have been building computers for years. I have been trying to convince friends and family to do the same for just as long. There are mountains of reasons why you should build your PC. However, there are a ton of reasons not to as well. Some people feel they shouldn’t build the computer and only purchase a prebuilt to avoid the hassle of learning how to assemble a computer. If this is your goal, look no further as all the information for the top gaming pc builders is here. 

Top Gaming PC Builders

There are many PC builders you could choose from, but only a few could be considered the top gaming pc builders. A majority are very reputable including a few smaller builders on the side. However, I would suggest the following:  

  1. Origin PC
  2. iBuyPower
  3. CyberPowerPC
  4. Digital Storm
  5. NZXT
  6. Xidax
  7. MainGear
  8. AVADirect

I have encountered only good service from these or heard from a close friend that these are top picks to get your pc built before you buy it. There is a couple of things to note as you search for a pc builder. 

One of the biggest complaints someone might have would be the parts used in their computers. However, there are very few top-end gaming computer builders that don’t use retail. You can know if their sections are any good through a small checklist.  

The Difference Between Retail and OEM Components

These would be the glaring differences between when products use OEM(Original Equipment Manufactures) and Retail. Take note of these before looking into the PC Builders. 

You can get a clear-cut answer to the questions you might have when deciding to back a specific brand. 


  • Use the better chipsets from each yield of silicon, resulting in faster, cooler operation
  • Offers better software bundle of programs
  • Larger heatsinks or integrated cooling fans
  • Includes complete product documentation, literature, and registration card
  • Often includes rebates or promotions, which we send with the system documentation
  • Usually offers a longer or lifetime warranty to the consumer
  • Offers available direct technical support by the product
  • Guarantees genuine authenticity


  • Slower or hotter operation
  • Offers no software bundle
  • Smaller heatsink or none at all
  • Includes no product documentation or literature
  • No rebates or promotions
  • Offers 1-year warranty to the OEM, not the consumer
  • Provides no tech support to consumers, instead refers calls to the OEM
  • Could be mislabeled or counterfeit

Here is just a small list of how those different kinds of parts could effectively ruin your brand new computer within a few weeks. 

One key indicator you could use as we browse through each pc builder recognizes that they will build the pc for you.
The majority of each pc builder displays their parts. This will help you when looking to buy computerized items as they provide you with a brand that dictates they are using retail components. 
However, if you purchase through a third party such as Amazon, the parts you might receive could be OEM. The indicated mainly applies to someone building their computer as you need to purchase the parts separately. 

They usually will say if the item has been used or otherwise shipped through another party.
Most of my computer builds came in the original packaging with the parts separate from each other. You just need to make sure you keep an eye out for these things!

Origin PC

ORIGIN PC brand, computer builder
Image Credit: Origin PC
  • A couple of years after Dell gained possession of custom pc builder Alienware, 3 Former Alienware executives, Kevin Wasielewski, Richard Cary, and Hector Penton formed what is now ORIGIN PC. By far one of the more popular top gaming pc builders.
  • The company was founded in the year 2009 in Florida. The main selling point was to get back to the roots of their passion for building high-end custom computers.
  • Origin Pc offers high-end custom-built computers for gaming and professional use. You can even look for high-end laptops if that’s the path you want to take. 
  • There is a large variety of options from small, medium, full tower, and finally super tower cases. 
  • The majority of their custom PCs are configurable to match the specs you desire, so customizing the best computer setup is a breeze. They even carry the option to purchase dual GPUs in your laptops.
  • Origin PC does not carry many low-tier systems as the lowest some of the custom PCs go for is roughly $1,300. 
  • There are ways to help you afford the more pricey custom PC builds that lay around $2,500 through financing. This way in case you don’t have quite the budget to drop a couple of grand on these bad boys, there is always that option.  
  • They do have a smaller selection of products through Amazon, but you should be wary that it can come to you as slightly defective. This is only the case as the more companies the part passes through, the higher chance of defects. 
  • Finally, they do offer 1-year warranties scaling that up as long as 3 years. Also, free tech support is at your service for the duration that you own that product. 


IBUYPOWER brand, computer builder
Image Credit: IBuyPower
  • IBuyPower was organized in the year 1999. They offer a wide range of prices from $800 up to $2,600. They have a solid foundation when it comes to customizing your computer. 
  • I know a lot of people who use this service as it uses an uncomplicated scrolling text to each part. So you know absolutely what you are paying for. 
  • That includes things like custom RGB lights, newer cases to really advanced water cooling. 
  • Their goal is aiming to give everyone customization options with the freedom of price ranges. Even if you decided to purchase a higher-end PC for around $2,500, there are ways to finance it as a plus. 
  • They even help best customize your pc through recommendations based on the specific games you play. Not very many computer builders do this as it can be a huge time saver if you are unfamiliar with what you need on the computer.  
  • IBuyPower does sell predefined computers through Amazon. They can be as low as $500 to even selling some of the mid-range computers. 
  • You get faster shipping but lose the aspect of fully customizing your PC. That reason is due to most of them already previously built before they get to amazon.  
  • With all the high-end to low-end parts you get in the computer, IBuyPower does offer a standard 3-year warranty for the computer with a 5-10 business day shipping. Here is where it can fly with a little extra payment upfront.


Cyberpowerpc brand, computer builder
Image Credit: CyberPowerPC
  • CyberPowerPC has been a staple pick when it comes to getting a pre-built computer since 1998. They offer a wide range of models and configurations. 
  • More so than the majority of the other companies on this list. They also sell custom PCs with unique parts as well as custom laptops with flashy lights.
  • With all this customization they bring to the table, they also have some of the lowest starting prices among the options here. They start as low as $750 and go as high as $4,000. 
  • You can find some of the less expensive pricing through Amazon as the price range can be as low as $500. The value you get here is comparable to purchasing a system around the $800-$1000 range. 
  • It might lack the power, but that is where the customization of parts comes in. The idea is to get you the best prices for the best parts!
  • CyberPowerPC offers an array of financing options through Affirm which gives you more choices when deciding what top gaming PC builder brand you want to go through. This can make it extremely easy to purchase a more powerful computer say in the $2500 range to get that dream pc you always wanted.
  • Every system CyberPowerPC displays come with a standard 1-year warranty and a 3-year service plan with lifetime tech support. With a solid warranty, you also get the option to rush shipping in as little as 3 days. 
  • If you happen to purchase through Amazon, Amazon Prime gives you the ability to ship in as little as 2 days for free.

Digital Storm

Digital Storm brand, computer builder
Image Credit: Digital Storm
  • Digital Storm is not as trendy as CyberPowerPC, but they do bring the same quality. I wouldn’t discredit their abilities when comparing them to the top gaming pc builders. 
  • They have been around since 2002 generating competition for the more popular companies. Show-casing a range of custom desktops, laptops, and workstations for gaming as well as professional use.  
  • Cyber PowerPC and IBuyPower offer an extensive range of base models you can choose from than Digital Storm. However, Digital Storm offers the least expensive options for base models on this list.  
  • Their least expensive models start around $600 with plenty of ways to upgrade or add power to the system. 
  • The indicated party is a legitimate brand to come to if you are on a very tight budget. With quality and prices that aren’t through the roof, Digital Storm is a stable route to take. 
  • All of their models come with a 3-year warranty with options to push that further to a 4 or even 5-year warranty. Here is a better warranty than the majority of the other brands so if you want security, Digital Storm is a reliable option. 
  • Finally, they do carry financing options so if you do happen to upgrade or go for the most powerful computer, you can choose monthly payments instead of taking a large chunk of your life savings. 


NZXT BLD brand, computer builder
Image Credit: NZXT BLD
  • NZXT was formed in 2004 by Johnny Hou. The main selling point behind the products was specifically for the DIY PC building community. Their ideology is worth a top spot as they are fully committed to you as one of the top gaming pc builders.
  • This has catered to a lot of people who enjoy building computers such as myself! To see them have a booming business when they were up and coming is a sight to behold. 
  • NZXT BLD’s reputation has skyrocketed over the years in the PC hardware industry due to their quality experience with their custom-built PCs.
  • The main difference with NZXT is that you don’t have as many customization options upfront. To start you need to get through a step-by-step questionnaire that sorts out what system would be best for you. 
  • It follows your needs with a budget, what games you will be playing, how much you want to spend, and whether or not you have an interest in either Intel or AMD based systems.
  • After you have gone through the process of answering all of those questions, BLD recommends a build so you can further configure that system to your needs. 
  • Here is where you can start to customize your computer and get what you are aiming for. However, the options are phenomenal in favor of you to get peripherals like cases from NZXT, water cooling, color schemes, and RGB lighting. 
  • Their price ranges of PCs vary as much as any other top gaming PC builder. It can be as low as $1000 and get as high as $2500 depending on what you put into the computer.  They have a solid 2-year warranty that gives you the security you need to keep your system just in case something happens to your PC. 
  • You can pay extra to extend this warranty nevertheless with computers you can generally expect something to happen to see as they are so intricate within 2 years.  
  • The best part of going with NZXT BLD is that they guarantee that their systems will ship within 48 hours that is insanely fast compared to all the other brands. 
  • You can even take it one step further and get same-day shipping as long as you order by 11 AM EST.   


Xidax brand, computer builder
Image Credit: Xidax
  • Xidax might not be as known as suggesting Origin PC, but it competes for the best option among many of the top gaming PC builders on this list. 
  • They offer one of the lowest pricing options for a computer launching at around $500. While offering high-end model desktops, workstations, and laptops, they do hold a vast chunk of the competition for budget pre-built computers. 
  • Xidax is a company that goes through a more well-known brand contrarily known as, Asus. As such Asus controls what happens and how it is overseen. Even the parts it uses and how the computers are put together. This can be good and bad, but it just means you need to know what Asus offers in terms of services. 
  • Even having a parent company, Xidax creates customization options for you that rival the more popular companies. 
  • They have a wide range of pricing options from $800 up to $3,000. Xidax also offers financing through Affirm.
  • One last thing is Xidax does have an interesting approach to warranties as they carry a lifetime limited warranty plan. Their laptops come with a 2-year limited warranty as well. That is huge as a lifetime warranty is fantastic, especially when you don’t have to sink $200 more to increase it.


MainGear brand, computer builder
Image Credit: MainGear
  • MainGear was founded in 2002. As with some of the other companies, MainGear has been here for over a decade now building custom gaming PCs while offering laptops, and workstations.
  • As with all the other options here on this list, they do have an array of options to configure their systems granting you to choose everything that goes into the computer.  
  • This means you can decide what CPU, GPU, Motherboard, RAM, etc goes into your dream computer. Not only that, they give you fancy options such as RGB lights, paint job, and lighting schemes. 
  • MainGear does sell systems through Amazon that are affected by prime to decrease shipping time.
  • With pricing on their systems, they start around $800 and can go as high as $3,000. That all depends on what you add to your arrangement and how much custom lighting you want in it. 
  • Even though this brand is not as favored, I preferred to cover it as it does have a fair process from creating your dream computer to shipping. 
  • The only thing is they do offer a 1-year warranty, yet you need to pay to upgrade to a 3-year warranty. 


AVAdirect brand, computer builder
Image Credit: AVADirect
  • AVADirect was formed in 2000. They have an insanely vigorous catalog of builds. From custom-built laptops, gaming desktops, workstations, mini-PC builds, to tablets they have it all. There are so many configurations I would recommend taking some time to sift through everything they offer. They just might have what you are looking for. 
  • Price ranges for gaming desktops start at around $900 and can vary depending on what you have on the computer. There are even custom-built laptops that start around $1100.
  • The big difference with AVADirect is they offer things from computer monitors, mice, keyboards within the same package of your computer. Not many other companies do this and can be lucrative if you don’t want to search for monitors or keyboards in other locations.
  • As with all the top gaming PC builders, AVADirect does offer financing options to help you get your dream PC without setting aside a couple of months worth of cash.
  • The most intriguing thing about AVADirect is they believe that its custom-built products will be free of defects from expertise. AVADirect will repair or replace failed custom-built products purchased from AVADirect free of charge.