Why is Your Computer Running Slow

There are plenty of ways for your computer to be acting up and moving super slow. Like that time I tried to open any application on my computer and it took 10-20 seconds. That can be the worst thing ever, especially when you are in a rush. You never really know why your computer is running so slow but the truth of the matter is I did a little bit of digging and I have answers!

A lot of the common issues with computers whether it be a laptop or a PC can be summed up into 3 things. Memory, Storage, bad parts. These are most of the common problems you see when we look deeper into why someone’s computer would be running slow. Let’s take a deeper look into what this means for you and your computer!

Main Causes for Computer Running Slow

  • Computer running out of memory
  • The hard drive could be going bad
  • CPU could be going bad
  • CPU being overworked with too many applications open
  • Low internet quality
  • Using an old laptop
  • The computer is holding on to an excess of baggage

So what does this all mean for you exactly? It is great to know what is causing your computer so much trouble but how do we fix it? Alright! No need to rush things I was getting to it at the next point!

Some Ways to Restore Your Computer

The main ways we can save our computer from running super slow are simple but tasks you want to make sure you are prepared for. It can be easy jumping right into saving your computer only to find out there was another way. Maybe it was too late for the old girl.

One of the main concepts I use for my computer is restoring it. No, not a system restore but reformatting the entire computer. What this does is clean up the computer by removing the majority of files and most of them.

Your computer keeps a lot of files that we don’t even realize due to saving games, applications on our systems. this in turn bogs down the computer greatly.


So what is reformatting means for you and your computer? It means completely erasing your documents, files, pictures, applications, any other extras you might have. Then following that, reinstalling the operating system to the computer so it can be as good as new. That is if you erase everything.

There are usually two options when reformatting your computer. The first one is to only delete any extra files while keeping major things like pictures or applications and the excess are removed. This could be quick and easy but the truth of the matter is sometimes it doesn’t actually help your pc.

So the mainline would be the second option which is to completely erase the system and remove everything you have. But before you do this, all you need is to back-up your files on a hard drive or USB so you don’t lose them.

Following this action, you will definitely see a huge jump in your computer’s speed. I am talking massive jump. It is how I kept my older computer up to date running things like an I7 processor and GTX 970 GPU.

Memory Overflowing

One of the major ways your computer runs slow is due to memory being used up. Overflowing the information in your computer. Such as with your hard drive having 200GB of storage and you are at 199GB of used up storage. In this situation, you don’t really want to remove your files right?

I mean those files could be important pictures or videos of family. Removing those files is out of the question. So what could we do to fix this? There are a couple of ways we can go about fixing this issue.

First and foremost would be to just get another hard drive or SSD. In my experience, I started one of my computers out with just a hard drive and eventually lead me to have two SSD’s.

The plus to this is having your computer system run on one of those SSD’s while the other stores all your important information so the computer won’t slow down much and you can the pleasure of a fast computer.

Hard Drive Going Bad

There is a lot that can happen when it comes to hard drives. They are the key to the storage of your system both the actual operating system and your personal files. More importantly, signs of it failing can appear as quickly as you purchase the piece of hardware.

Some indicators that could explain if your hard drive is failing is as follows:

  • constantly overheating even with proper airflow
  • strange noises, possibly clicking sounds
  • blue screen of death errors would happen more frequently
  • inability to boot your device leading you to windows giving you an error before you can even turn on the computer
  • even less severe cases like not being able to access certain data on the hard drive

Plenty of errors to go around and some. It is always a good idea to keep a lookout for these things. However, in my experience of losing data, it’s very optimal to create back-ups of important files such as pictures, videos, documents of great value, etc.

CPU Going Bad

Unfortunately the CPU is a very rare case. What I mean by this is there aren’t many indicators like the hard drive. The CPUs job is mainly to enable your computer to interact with all of the applications and programs installed. A CPU interprets the program’s instructions and creates theĀ outputĀ that you interface with when you’re using a computer.

So having said that, one main cause for concern would be attempting to turn on your computer and the only response you get in turn is the fans going but no response from anything else. If this happens its a matter of trial and error as it could also be the motherboard and the CPU is still okay.

Worst-case scenario, replacing both is ideal to save a lot of time and effort from chasing a ghost and troubleshooting. If you are as stubborn as me though, you can open up your pc and check the CPU slot to see if there is any bending or burns on the hardware. It could explain more as to if it’s the CPU, Motherboard, or both.

Low Internet Quality

This one could make your PC run slow but only in terms of loading speed for internet browsers. It wouldn’t be anything serious other than upgrading your internet, plugging your pc into the router directly, or getting a stronger wifi receiver.

The biggest difference between checking if you have a bad CPU is you will drop in loading speed overall if the CPU is bad. If you have low internet quality, your loading speed will be very low only if you are accessing internet browsers.

Using a Laptop

Laptops are tricky as they run heavier due to a lack of space for the hardware to breathe and the lack of fans to keep them cool. If your laptop is running slow, my 1 and only suggestion would be to back-up files and migrate files to a USB or actual PC and reformat the pc.

There have been many situations where I have helped friends and family clear their laptop and move files to a USB and in turn make their laptop run as if it was brand new. You would be surprised how quickly laptops get bogged down by the littles amount of applications installed on the system.

This shouldn’t scare you to install applications that you desire, but just keep in mind that laptops will run slower more frequently, and much earlier than a PC would.

Over Running Your System

The last issue that makes PC runs slower is overrunning your system. This could be by keeping a large number of applications open at once or for long periods of time. In most cases having 12 google chrome windows open isn’t very healthy for your computer.

You will see a huge difference in loading speed across the board as it bogs down your system. Unless you are running the best of the best CPUs and system, it will slow down dramatically. This also plays into another point which is keeping your PC or laptop on or in sleep mode indefinitely.

It would be hard for us to work daily if we didn’t sleep right? Well, it goes without saying so would our computers. Take care of your system and give it a rest once in a while!


I hope these points helped you all with your slower PC and laptops. I know firsthand how frustrating it is when you get home from work and just want to watch youtube only to be halted because your pc won’t load, or does something janky.

Let me know if these helped at all and if there are any other questions I could assist with in the future!